Susan Darst Williams educational and inspirational writings
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features - free, Bible-based, weekly inspirational story. Delivered on Sundays. Please subscribe on the website. Look for the Radiant Beams eBook, due in early 2012. -- a daily humor blog with a bright anecdote that you can receive free through the RSS subscription feature on that blog. -- hundreds of mini lesson plans for free enrichment activities for school-age children. The associated 501(c)(3) funds after-school field trips and creativity workshops for inner-city children in the Omaha metropolitan area. -- database of educational advice columns to help parents guide their children's educations, and help taxpayers and voters understand the complex educational arena. - promoting the agonies and ecstasies of children's gardening, for one young sprout or a school full. - easy recipes and how-to's to help men flex their cooking muscles. 


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